Q?  How do I pay my rent?

A.  Rent payments are to be mail to the following address on or before the 5th of the month:

KVK properties of NC, LLC

65 Glen Rd. Suite 142

Garner, NC 27529

Q?  When is rent due?

A.  The rent is due on the first of every month.  If the rent is not post marked by the 5th day of the month, a 5% late fee will be added to the balance owed.  Eviction will follow if the balance is not paid.

Q?  Are pets allowed?

A.  Pets (Dogs ONLY) are often negotiable and the acceptance of pets depends on the property being leased.  We charge a non-refundable pet fee of $300 in addition to the pet fees the tenant will be responsible for any damage caused but the pet including urine stains, damaged carpet, wall board damage, etc.

Q?  Can I be charged for maintenance at the property?

A.  Yes, if resident damage or neglect causes the maintenance, you will be charged for it.

Q?  Can you waive my late charges?

A.  No.  We do not waive late charges.

Q?  How do I report a maintenance item?

A.  For a normal non-emergency maintenance items please call or text (919) 219-4798, email (vincentsheehan@kvkpropertiesnc.com), or mail your request.  Please provide us the best possible time to reach you. If the item is urgent and it is after hours please call E&M Property Services at (919) 219-1115.  For police or fire emergencies please call 911 before calling us.

Q?  Is smoking allowed inside the property?

A.  Smoking is NOT allowed inside the property.  Properties available for rent through KVK Properties are non-smoking only.

Q?  What is considered an emergency?

A.  The following are examples of maintenance emergencies:

  • The main sewer line is backed up.
  • A pipe broke and water is leaking into the home.
  • There was a break-in and you have an unsecured entrance to the home.
  • Air conditioning / heating system is not working – if temp is greater than 85 degrees or lower than 55 degrees inside the home.

If you lock yourself out of your home, you will need to call a lock smith; we do not unlock homes after normal business hours.

Q?  When and how should I give my notice to vacate the property?

A.  Notice to vacate must be received in writing on or before the 1st of the month.  We do require a minimum of 30 days written notice.  For example if you wanted to move out on June 1, 2020 you would need to submit your notice on or before May 1, 2020.