Application Procedures & Requirements

KVK Properties of NC, LLC does not deny any person the right to rent based on applicant’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status or familial status. We evaluate applications based on credit check, criminal background check, employment verification and rental history.  We cannot tell you if you application will be approved prior to submitting it.  An application will not be processed until it is submitted completed (all spaces must be filled in or N/A if not applicable) with the following documents attached:

  1. Two (2) most recent paystubs.
  2. If self-employed, last year’s tax return.
  3. Copy of driver’s license
  4. Proof of social security number
  5. Payment for application
  6. Pet Application
  • Each adult must fill out a separate application and pay the $45.00 non-refundable application fee. The non-refundable fee for a married couple application is $75.00.
  • Occupants over the age of 17 (not financially responsible for the rent payments such as dependent children) there is an additional $15.00 charge for each criminal background check.
  • Completed applications are processed in the order received.
  • A home is considered available and we will continue to take applications until we have a signed lease and security deposit.
  • Applications typically take 48 hours to process. This timeframe is an estimate and depends on the accuracy of information provided and ease of receiving responses from your references, employer, landlord, etc.
  • Any false information provided in the application, unpaid rental judgments, criminal records with felonies and/or crimes against person or property could result in denial.

Rental / Mortgage History – We verify 2 years of rental or mortgage history.

Credit – We look at your entire credit report, but mainly focus on your most recent history.  A credit score of less than 600 could negatively affect your application but we do not deny someone based on credit score alone.

Income – All stated income must be verified.  Your gross household income must be at least three (3) times your monthly rent amount and other mortgage obligations. We will consider rental income if a copy of the lease agreement is provided.  You must provide your two most recent paystubs. If you are self-employed, you must furnish a prior year’s tax return or 1099’s as proof of your income.  We will consider child support if you can prove that it has been paid consistently for the past six (6) months.

Co-Signer’s are possible in some cases, but must be able to qualify with the same guidelines as an applicant.

Upon approval the security deposit, first month’s rent and any pet fees must be paid in certified funds or money order within 24 hours to hold the property.  No personal checks are accepted; money order, cash or certified bank check only.  All of these must paid in full before gaining access to the property.